Eine kleine Auswahl zufriedener Kunden

und ein Einblick in unsere Arbeit.


Reisedokumentation Island

With this image film you gain an insight into the fabulous nature of Iceland.


Bestzeitfilm präsentiert Leipzig

Challenge: One hour - one cam - one lens - one short film.


Corvette C7

Meet the giants - Corvette C7 vs. C4.



The plasterer firm „Jung“, located in Leipzig – Germany, will introduce you to the company profile.



Tyre changes at the car dealer „Gaide & Fichtler“



„Cult-classic-motors“ is making it happen in Leipzig!

Go ahead and book your drive for a wedding, a work event or some city sightseeing.



Shooting a video at minus 110 degrees. Our camera technology is able to make it happen.

Being in the cold chamber at this temperature is a pain treatment and very helpful against rheumatic disorders. It has a anti-inflammatory function.

It helps boost the immune system to and is a great option for weight-loss.

Why not give it a try? Let´s go!



The company „Trapezprofile“ is your partner for roof and wall cladding. It also takes care of speacial structures, e.g. bins or places for bikes.

In an exciting movie the company introduces itself with fascinating 3D- animations.


frittz - Das muss man probiert haben

„Sometimes all you need is a small portion of „Fritzz“ to make the world look way better.“

Find special combinations and meal deals with our fries right here.

In a short time „Fritzz“ has turned into one of the most visited and most popular snack bars in town.

Come on, make sure to pay us a visit!



Das japanische Unternehmen “Helptai” stellt sich mich einem animierten Erklärvideo vor.